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We have a refrerral program for our customers. When you refer someone to us, make sure they tell us you sent them. Once hired we send you a special seasonal coupon as well as $25 cash as our way of saying "Thank you!"

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If you were not satisfied with any part of your experience with JUDD'S A/C & REFRIGERATION then please contact us directly info@juddsacr.com & we will be in contact as soon as possible to resolve any issues you had. Please contact us & let us know. We work hard to have great customer service and strive to continue to get better.  

Customer Reviews

Tiffany- Summerville, South Carolina

Bruce- Charleston, South Carolina

Homeowner- Charleston, South Carolina

I am very impressed with this company. JUDD'S A/C has great, fast and friendly customer service with affordable prices. They went above and beyond my expectations. They were assigned to me by my home warranty company and worked with them to save me money. I highly recommend them!
Jason is the man! He came out on a Sunday and worked with my home warranty company to save me a boatload of money! 

Karen is very responsive and communicated well regarding the details of the job and appointment times. They are honest and trustworthy. Jason does a great job at explaining in detail the job he is doing. Their invoices come with pictures of the job  before, during and after so you know what was done with your system.

Homeowner- Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Jamie- Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Marie- Summerville, South Carolina

They were assigned to me as a second opinion by my home warranty company. Jason not only fixed my problem that same day but was honest and saved me thousands of dollars! Also, they did not charge me an arm and leg for R22 refrigerant. They were over $30 cheaper per pound!!!!
I  will call them anytime I need help with type of work. I highly recommend them and have referred them to several family members and co-workers. All who were very impressed and happy with their service and savings! Best HVAC company in the area!
Honest, friendly, excellent workmanship, very knowledgeable, BEST customer service and the only HVAC company I will ever use or recommend. Jason and Karen went out of their way to work around my schedule and saved me hundreds of dollars. I highly recommend you hire them for a second opinion before spending a dime with another company. You won't regret it!
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